Better Business Conversations

It’s not news to hear that selling is increasingly more challenging. To stand out and earn new business you must be able to differentiate and compel, bring value and insight, and leverage the full value of your organization (firm to firm). This requires exceptional selling skills. So, the question is, where are your strengths and where do you need to improve?

If you have a strong unique value proposition (UVP), can your team clearly tell your story in a valuable and compelling way? Is your team, including your subject matter experts (SMEs), able to understand customer needs, known and unknown, and bring insight in a way that differentiates you from your competitors? Are you able to mirror your selling process with your customers’ buying process to persuade through involvement, and close deals in effective and efficient ways? It’s essential to bring value across each stage of the selling process and negotiate in a way where both you and the customer win.

Don’t Defend on Price Alone

In the absence of preparation and a consultative selling approach, you lead customers to a more commoditized, price-oriented decision – relegating you to defend on price alone.

Sales must prepare, anticipate and convey ideas and insights – thus creating value – otherwise you’re defending mostly on features as well as price. The ultimate goal is to create a consultative, values-based sales experience.

How We Can Help You Win More Opportunities

DoubleDigit Sales can help your salespeople and sales teams develop the confidence and competence to win more deals. We do this through developing the mindset, skills, and processes required to be highly consultative salespeople, that are focused on bringing value to every interaction. In addition, we build the capabilities to effectively prepare for, and have, better business conversations, bring more insight, and convey them through stories and presentations to increase credibility, value and trust.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how capable is your sales team of being consultative and adding value?

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