Leaders Are Key

Sales managers are the linchpin to change. If you want to get traction on a transformation, change behaviors, or adapt a new approach, managers must model, coach, and reinforce to ensure change happens. To develop a performance culture, managers must be able to create clarity and buy-in for where they are going (the strategy), develop the teams’ skills and capabilities to execute against those objectives, and then measure and hold people accountable for performance. Critical to a manager’s ability to drive motivation and accountability are coaching skills, an ability to provide effective feedback, lead disciplined approaches, and instill processes to create a predictable and consistent culture.

People Stay, and Go, Because of Managers

Failure to develop your managers’ abilities to effectively coach and develop their teams, can result in several possible scenarios: missing plan, losing talent, and fostering a disengaged and unmotivated team. Gallup research shows that the number one reason people stay, and go, is their relationship with their manager. Therefore, investing in your managers is truly investing in the success of your organization.

How We Can Help

DoubleDigit Sales helps mangers develop the skills, disciplines, and processes to create highly engaged teams. We help managers be better coaches, provide effective feedback, and focus on development and performance in a way that motivates and engages.

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