Engaging instructor led training in a virtual classroom

Enable your team to build their skills from wherever they work. Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) solutions are interactive online workshops led by our dynamic facilitators. vILT offers experiential learning, interactivity, small group work, and high connectivity all within a virtual learning forum.

You can expect our great team of facilitators delivering our proven content – in a virtual format.


Deliver the same impact of in-person sales training

We leverage Zoom, Adobe Connect and other proprietary platforms so that your team can experience the advantages of online learning:

  • Real plays, fishbowl exercises, and demonstrations
  • Small group practice in virtual breakout rooms
  • Group engagement with chat pods, facilitator-led discussions, polls, Q&As, whiteboards, and more
  • Models and illustrations via quality visuals and videos

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Benefits of vILT

1 – 2 hour modules
Short online workshops enable participants to absorb content, practice in session, and apply learning on the job in between sessions.

Small class sizes of up to 20

Our small classes sizes ensure participants receive targeted feedback in an experiential learning environment.

Interactive virtual tools
Our experienced facilitators use interactive learning tools that encourage participants to connect, while minimizing distractions.

Easy to access online
A convenient choice for remote sales forces, participants simply log into a learning platform to begin their session.

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