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Negotiation Skills Training That Enhances Relationships

Making a more conscious effort to be strategic when negotiating will differentiate your salespeople from the competition. This requires discipline, skill, and consistency. Salespeople will learn the winning mindset, skills to best position themselves in negotiation situations, and a proven process to generate a mutually desired outcome that enhances relationships. 

Create Win-Win Outcomes

          Win-Win Negotiation

Shifting a negotiation approach from positional to collaborative, allows customers to feel our support in helping them achieve their desired outcomes resulting in a “win-win” resolution.

          Differentiated Solutions

When salespeople position value with clients during a negotiation, it differentiates them from the competition and helps clients visualize the impact they can make in their organization.

          Build Relationships

Understanding the customer’s situation and what’s important to them will help salespeople uncover their unique needs, allowing them to build a strong relationship with the customer during a negotiation situation.

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What Participants Are Saying

TThe results far exceeded our expectations…insurance enrollment more than doubled; balance transfers increased by 89%; account retention increased by 50%…sustainable results that will pay out for many years to come.

– Scott Williams, former AVP, Customer Contact Centre
Canadian Tire Financial Services

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