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A Practical Sales Culture Plan That Unlocks Your Team’s Growth Potential

To achieve results, sales leaders must consider many things – where will they focus their team? What activities will they manage to? How large does their pipeline need to be? All of this will add up to results. If sales leaders can’t clearly articulate their plan, how will anyone else? Sales leaders will build a detailed one-page sales culture plan that outlines action required to help their team achieve increased results.

A Facilitated Planning Process to Achieve Your Desired Sales Culture

          Clearly Established Accountability

Success as a leader depends largely on the ability to hold salespeople accountable to their commitments, actions, activities, and results. Getting clear, and then managing to those measures, will create the discipline you need to ensure time is spent effectively.

          Individual Sales Success

Leaders will outline where each salesperson needs to be successful. Balancing both a specific individual and a full team view, leaders will clearly determine what needs to be done to achieve maximum success.

          Team Success

Planning can be challenging. At the end of the training, sales leaders will have a sales culture plan they are confident in, which is focused in the right areas and helps them manage their team to over plan performance.

          Comprehensive Strategy

By focusing both on the hard and soft aspects of their sales culture, leaders will have created a plan that ensures they manage both to “the what” and “the how” of making plan.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

There is a document to keep decisions on track, and the discipline in decisions flows down to the management of change.

– Mark Brisley, Managing Director and National Sales Manager
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