Strategic Account Management

Drive Growth by strategically focusing on key relationships, customer strategy,
and competitors in a target account.

Create a Repeatable and Strategic Account Management Plan

This streamlined planning process for Strategic Account Management enables salespeople to build strong, actionable plans that focuses on the right relationships, business strategies and key competitors. Salespeople walk away with an expanded view of opportunities and an account planning process that is replicable across their key accounts.

Accelerate Sales Activities

          Actionable Account Plan

Creating strategic account plans isn’t something most salespeople look forward to doing. This 4-step process leaves salespeople feeling excited and committed to executing their new account plan, which is easily repeatable for additional accounts.

          Expanded Relationships

Salespeople need to look at who they know and who they need to know. With this expanded list, relationships are examined and goals are created to drive new business.

          Win More Business

When salespeople expand their relationships, outsmart the competition, and help their customers with key business strategies, additional opportunities are uncovered and they are positioned to win.

          Outsmart the Competition

Your strategic position versus the competition is either strong, neutral, or weak. Salespeople must be honest about their position and plan how to maintain strength, how to move from neutral to strong and how to minimize weaknesses.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

DoubleDigit Sales has been a great partner. They have been extremely helpful in aligning our sales organization. We found Strategic Account Management very beneficial in aligning to our clients’ goals.

– Andrew Saunders, Vice President, Advertising Sales,
The Globe and Mail

What difference will it make to you and your organization when your salespeople are clear, motivated and smart about how they plan in key accounts? 

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