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Story Telling in Sales for Greater Coaching Impact

Story telling in sales is a highly effective communication approach. Stories achieve two things that facts alone do not: provide context and connect to emotion. This training will provide managers with the skills to build a story and practice telling it in coaching contexts, including one-on-one discussions or on a joint customer call with a salesperson.

          Influence More Effectively

Cut through the noise and be heard. Leveraging a story to illustrate a key coaching message will help salespeople retain the message better. In only 1-3 minutes, a great story allow managers to share information in a compelling way.

         Inspire Action

Ever wonder why some coaching sticks and some doesn’t? For a salesperson to change a behavior it’s critical that the message be clear. Stories will add credibility to your message. By making it real, you will be able to inspire the right actions. 

          Build Stronger Team Relationships

When leaders humanize a message through an engaging story, they build stronger, trusted relationships with their salespeople. Sometimes a tough message is better received through a story.

          Differentiated Communication

When managers use stories in coaching, they set the bar for differentiated communication. By modeling this approach for salespeople, leaders will encourage their team to apply the same skills in customer conversations.

“The most telling metric for us is downstream spending . . . we’re seeing impressive results, including dramatic increases in supplementary cards. We’ve improved from an average of 57% to 85% penetration on sales. It’s very exciting.”

Eric Nielson, VP of Small Business Services, American Express

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