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Align Your Organization with an Actionable Sales Strategy

If you can’t articulate your sales strategy, neither can anyone else. This training provides executives with a facilitated process to create and articulate a 3-year sales strategy. Create alignment across your leadership team and build a one page strategy map that acts as an integrated plan of sales goals, activity targets, and commitments. You’ll walk away with a practical touchstone for decision-making and a bought-in and focused executive team.

Practical Planning Process to Unlock High Performance

          Actionable 3-Year Plan on ONE Page

Working through a structured process executive teams will have a 3-year plan they buy into and are excited to execute. Keeping the plan to one page ensures ease of comprehension and more importantly commitment to executing against the plan. Progress measurement becomes easy.

          A Plan that Lives vs. Sits on a Shelf

Because the plan is on one page, it becomes a reference, a touchstone for management and leadership discussions and decisions. The plan lives and is used to ensure all remain focused on the right targets to make plan in the coming years.

          Senior Team Alignment

The process of working together will galvanize your executive team so that you are aligned with and committed to targets. The synergies created when working towards the same goals will propel your organization forward.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Now we have a document and a process that’s holding us accountable.

 – Mark Brisley, Managing Director and National Sales Manager
Dynamic Funds

How often have you planned, put the plan away and never looked at it again? What if your plan actually led to maximum individual and team sales success?

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