Proactive Prospecting

Fuel confidence, skill, and belief in prospective processing to find new business.

Proactive Sales Prospecting to Effectively Engage and Find New Business

Appointment activity through sales prospecting is critical in most sales organizations. Both skill and will are essential ingredients for success. Proactive Sales Prospecting teaches salespeople how to understand the shape of their pipeline to create energy for sales prospecting. Salespeople will explore practical techniques that lead to a significant increase in meeting activity.

Increase Opportunities

          Pipeline Honesty

Most salespeople do not have a healthy pipeline and struggle to recognize this reality. Helping them diagnose their pipeline assists them in increasing the health of their pipeline.

          Dramatically More Meetings

Quality and quantity of prospecting are both critical. Salespeople will start with quality to build belief in the effectiveness of prospecting. This creates motivation that leads to a meaningful increase in meeting activity.

          Prospecting as Priority

Salespeople often underprioritize prospecting. Learning key skills and techniques to effectively prospect increases the likelihood of daily prospecting.

          Know Their Numbers

Calls to connects is a ratio that all salespeople must know, yet most don’t. Helping salespeople discover their numbers will lead to more calls and greater success.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We used to make a couple hundred calls a month. Last month we made 1,700. We’re getting unprompted openings for other products, and I believe we’re keeping people who might have moved their mortgages.

– Ted Schisler, Senior Vice President, Operations
Interior Savings

What changes will you see in your salespeople when they begin to treat sales prospecting as a key to their success?

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