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Sales Coaching Approach That Increases Performance

If you have $1 to spend on sales training, invest it in your sales managers – they are the lynchpin in driving over plan performance. This Practical Sales Management training solution teaches the attitudes, skills, and disciplines required to create an engaged sales force, that wins consistently.

Leverage One to Impact Many

          Drive Behavior Change

Change is difficult but the marketplace is dictating that salespeople must engage with customers in a different way. Salespeople will fall back into old habits unless they see a benefit in changing and are held accountable to doing it.

          Increase Accountability

Consistent use of sales management skills and sales coaching disciplines ensure alignment on expectations and sets the foundation to hold people accountable.

          Build Confidence and Competence

Celebrating successes builds a salesperson’s confidence, while coaching to development opportunities helps improve skill – both are important to salespeoples’ growth.

          Manage for Results

As leaders, it can be easy to take on too many tasks – you’ve been there before and you know what to do. The challenge with this is, it doesn’t enable your salespeople for future success.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

BDC chose DoubleDigit Sales because they quickly understood the BDC culture and adapted programs and materials to our specific needs. The training resulted in ROI of 69%.

– Diane Martel, Senior Advisor of Learning Strategies, BDC

If you were to ask your salespeople “Rate the value your manager adds through their sales coaching”, what would they say?

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