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Sales Accountability Training That Improves Performance

With a solid sales management foundation in place, it’s time to hone where sales managers are spending their time and how they are approaching their teams. By tailoring their approach, style, and focus to each individual on their team, sales managers will be able to have more impact, quicker. This begins with having the right people on the team.

Drive Increased Performance

          Stop the Broken Record

Having the same conversation, time and time again without change, is not a good use of time. Create the need for change through clear communication around current state, desired state, and expectations around timelines and next steps. Your salesperson will have a choice – adapt or deal with the consequences.

          Create More Engagement

Taking a “one size fits all” approach to management doesn’t help speed things up – it actually slows things down. Tuning into each individual and adapting your approach will not only increase your probability of success, but also increase engagement and loyalty

          Clear Focus on the Right Drivers

Over plan performance doesn’t happen by accident – it requires deliberate attention to where your team is focused, their pipeline and the quality and quantity of their activities.

          Get it Right from the Start

Having the right people on your team can be a competitive advantage. Ensure you make strong selections by having a process in place that includes a variety of steps and people.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I would not want to be a sales leader without having had this training.

– Matt Velure, Cruise Sales Manager
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