Insight Selling

Due to an increase of information, customers are more educated than ever before.
Salespeople must evolve in how they prepare, show up and co-create insight with customers.

Create Deeper Dialogue and Close More
Business with Insight Selling

Insight Selling is an advanced sales training solution that equips salespeople with a process to collaboratively generate insight with customers. By adopting an insightful mindset and creating a deeper dialogue, salespeople will add value in each step of the sales process. Insight Selling teaches salespeople how to leverage data points to form a point of view when preparing for meetings to create more strategic conversations with prospects and customers.

Get More Out of Your Customer Interactions

          Win Competitive Deals

When salespeople push themselves and their customers to think broader and deeper, they distance themselves from the competition.

          Increased Deal Size

When salespeople understand the full story at a deeper level, they can provide a larger solution, which will ensure maximum impact.

          Stronger Client Relationships

Thoughtful questions lead to deeper dialogue and although more challenging for customers, they appreciate the insight and look to salespeople as trusted advisors.

          Strategic Solutions

When salespeople co-create insight with customers, the outcome is a solution that is very connected to their business and strategy.

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What Our Participants Are Saying

The energy, content, and delivery were tailored to our industry. There was a good amount of time to really go away and apply the skills to actual situations.

If your salespeople were reaching a new level with customers, what would they be doing differently?

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