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Presentation Skills Training That Increases Win Rates

Salespeople “present” all the time, in both formal and informal settings. To truly differentiate, salespeople need to be dynamic, engaging and influential. Learn how to be thoughtful when considering the objective of the presentation, what content to include and how to pull audiences in. Not only is preparation essential, a poised and confident presenter helps win the minds of audiences and drives them to take action.

Create an Engaged Audience and Inspire Action

          Inspire Action

Salespeople need their audience to do something with the content they present. While what they present is helpful, the true impact and value is created when they cause them to think or act differently or try something new.

          Strategically Influence

Having a clear objective in mind makes the development of presentations more targeted. When selecting content; less is more. Selection of content should be based on what’s needed to influence your audience.

          Create Engagement

The only way for salespeople get their audience to think, feel, or do something differently is to engage them in the presentation. Salespeople will learn unique ways to engage with their audience.

          Efficient Process

To take a differentiated approach to developing presentations, salespeople need an efficient process that starts with developing a clear strategy, then assists them in the selection of key content and engagement tactics.

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What Participants Are Saying

I think everyone should be required to take this program. It helps not just in presentations, but conversations and interactions with people every day. I have seen firsthand how people’s confidence grew!

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