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A Practical Sales Plan That Maximizes Individual Performance

Every organization has a strategic direction and goals that they are focused on achieving. Salespeople are often the engines that drive the achievement of these goals through their sales efforts in the field. At times these goals can seem lofty. Develop a sales plan that helps salespeople distill their targets and motivates them to take action.

Translate Organizational Goals Into Individual Action

          Maximize Performance

A onepage sales plan helps salespeople get laser focused on the key actions they must deliver on to be highly successful. This accessible sales plan can be referenced easily to ensure salespeople are focused on the right activities to achieve maximum performance.

          Focused on Success

Salespeople will be taken through a process that helps them take an effective approach to planning, starting with a check on what’s helping and hindering performance. Salespeople will then develop a sales plan that will keep them focused on success.

          Clear and Compelling Vision

Salespeople will create their Professional Vision Statement in a simple and compelling way to capture personal, meaningful, and memorable declarations of intent. This inspires salespeople to action the behaviors needed to achieve sustained success.

          Aligned Goals

Outlining key measurable goals that are aligned to your organization’s strategic direction and specific tactics that help keep salespeople focused and motivated to make smart decisions.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We have many initiatives and things ‘on the go’ at the Globe and I have found DoubleDigit Sales’ Individual Sales BluePRINT process extremely useful – it has helped motivate my team and prioritize what’s most important. I now have a great dialogue tool for my one-on-ones.

– Hugo Lachance, Sales Manager, The Globe and Mail

How could a simple yet strategic plan help you be highly focused and driven?

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