Deepen Member Relationships

Our Trusted Advisor solution for Credit Unions focuses on improving member facing professionals’ ability to have deeper dialogues with members and create stronger relationships. By becoming a Trusted Advisor, member facing professionals can effectively engage members to address explicit needs and surface emerging needs, handle objections and meet member’s where they are in their buying process. Equip your member facing professionals with the mindset, skills and processes to have a significant impact on member satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase Member Loyalty

Provide your team with the skills and techniques to understand members’ needs and deliver what the value most to create loyalty.

Grow Member Share of Wallet

Focusing on your members’ buying process allows member facing professionals to skillfully navigate members from low-interest, to convinced and committed. Experience a smoother, shorter business development cycle.

Increase Member Satisfaction

Provide your team with the skills and techniques to understand members’ needs and deliver what they value most to create loyalty.

Empower Your Team

Give your team the competence and confidence to question better, effectively handle objections and ask for more business.

Straight From Our Clients

Our member interactions are much more prepared. We’re providing better solutions for our membership. We’re proactively finding more members to help. I feel that when you partner with [DoubleDigit Sales] you’re not partnering with someone just to increase your results. You’re partnering with someone who’s helping you create a consistent foundation to get to a shared end result.

– Ric Mathias, VP Retail Development, Summit Credit Union

On a scale from 1 to 10, how effective are your member facing professionals at serving your members’ known and emerging needs?

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