Consultative Selling

High performing salespeople focus on their customers’ needs by being consultative –
they question better, confirm more, and respond less.

Consultative Selling Leads to High Performance

Consultative Selling focuses on improving sales performance and adding value to customer interactions. By practicing this proven approach, salespeople can effectively engage customers to surface priority needs, handle objections, and shorten the sales cycle. It places the focus on the customer and how you can support their needs.

Consultative Sales training will equip your salespeople with the mindset, skills, and processes to increase their sales productivity and performance.

Improve Sales Performance

          Gain the Edge

Consultative Selling provides a competitive edge for both new and veteran salespeople. Master the art and science of sales with hands-on practice for maximum results back on the job.

          Shorten the Sales Cycle

Focus on the customer’s buying process vs. the salesperson’s own selling process to skillfully navigate the customer from low-interest, to convinced and committed. Experience a smoother, shorter sales cycle and higher customer satisfaction. 

          Increase Customer Loyalty

The right mindset builds relationships, creates value, and helps customers choose. People buy from people, and with the right mindset, customers begin to see salespeople as trusted advisors.

          Close More Business

Master a meeting process that demonstrates respect for your customers’ time, energy, and priority needs. More effective and efficient meetings are proven to help salespeople close more business in less time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Every metric around activity, closure, time to resolution, effectiveness and also the size of our transactions has gone up consistently over the past three years. That’s due to the confidence in the sales reps. Our initial objective was 30% and we’ve come really close to doing that, and I believe the sales training that we put in place was a big part of that.

– Nick Lisi, Vice President, Americas Operations

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