Everyone is a Salesperson

One could argue that everybody in an organization needs to be a salesperson. Maybe better said, people need to know how to engage, persuade, and compel people. Whether it’s a leader selling their vision, a technician, a clinician, a subject matter expert contributing to the sales process, a customer service representative responding to a customer need or a salesperson building a book of business. To be effective in these roles, people need to have strong communication skills – questioning, listening, handling objections – an ability to empathize, and a reliable way in which to engage and communicate ideas. Ultimately, if you want to convey new ideas and bring customers a new perspective, you need to be able to build trust, engage in meaningful dialogue and influence through involvement, throughout the customer experience.

Avoid a Disjointed Sales Process

If you don’t equip everyone who is supporting the sales process beyond the sales person, you often end up with a disjointed approach and an unoptimized customer experience. This reduces the value you bring and increases the potential of missed sales opportunities. Equipping people with these skills helps build better internal and external relationships, minimizes disruptions, and enhances customer engagement – internally and externally.


How We Can Help Equip Everyone to Sell

DoubleDigit Sales help leaders and non-sales people develop the key mindsets, skills, and processes to engage and influence across organizational boundaries, collaborate with various stakeholders, and learn new methods of communication, all of which enhance relationships.

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