Building More and Deeper Relationships

If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, why are salespeople reluctant to “B-line” it to other buyers, influencers and stakeholders within existing customer relationships? Research shows that expanding customer relationships is more expedient and profitable to growing portfolios than going out and finding new ones, yet most companies disproportionately focus on finding new customers – successful sales organizations need to do both.

The opportunity for salespeople and the selling organization is to leverage their ongoing knowledge and experience with their customers to bring increased value and insight – this also increases switching costs for customers. Not only do you provide more knowledge and insight to your customer, but it increases the likelihood of winning more deals through deeper institutional knowledge and understanding of your customer, thus creating a win for both sides.

Expanding Relationships Requires Strategy

If salespeople only have a relationship with the buyer you are at risk of losing the account the moment that person leaves. To grow profitably, you must think strategically about sustaining and expanding relationships and adding value.

How We Can Help You Retain and Expand Customer Relationships

DoubleDigit Sales helps organizations map their various buyers and think strategically about customer relationships and opportunities, to identify ways to expand. In addition, DoubleDigit Sales helps salespeople and the selling organization understand how to bring additional sources of value and insight – differentiating through better business conversations. These kinds of consistent investments lead to new opportunities and long-term relationships.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how focused is your company on expanding and retaining customers? What’s your retention and expansion strategy?

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