Focus, Activity, Pipeline and Results

We all start off the year with high aspirations of meeting and exceeding our targets. Yet, experience shows somewhere into the year our best laid plans are often not realized. In fact, research shows 50% of salespeople miss their targets annually.

To ensure teams hit their numbers managers must be clear on what’s required, and coach and manage people to those expectations. Interestingly, our research shows that a participation rate (the percentage of sales team members who are at or above plan) of 60% or less will give sales managers a 10% chance of making their revenue plan. Sales managers must aim for at least a 70% participation rate to have a good chance of making plan, and even then, it is not guaranteed. Ensuring individuals are tracking against activities and plans increases the likelihood of meeting your numbers and relieves the hope for some “blue birds” to close the gap.

Know Your Metrics and Processes

While each industry is different, falling off pace quickly leads to short and long-term implications. Managers must know the key metrics and processes that drive success. Their ability to coach, and manage risks and requirements, mitigates the inevitable dips.

How We Can Help You Hit Your Numbers

DoubleDigit Sales works with you to instill the necessary disciplines that build a predictable cadence into the workflow, enhance leader’s abilities to coach, and provide effective feedback as well as drive accountable for productivity – pace, pipeline management, activity goals, etc.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how confident are you in your managers understanding of productivity levers and their ability to manage them effectively?

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