5 Critical Focus Areas for New Sales Leaders

You’ve just been promoted, coming from being on top of your game in sales and you are now tasked with leading a sales team without a road map. For many, the most critical and immediate opportunity is to “learn” the things you need to be successful in as short a time as possible and “unlearn” those things that made you successful as an individual contributor, because they will not necessarily work for you as you look to lead a team. Here are five top areas to focus on to help you get up to speed in your new role:

1. Take Stock – Listen and engage

  • Spend time with each team member — get to know your team’s strengths, opportunities and needs and observations
  • Get out in front of customers to understand their perspective and the market
  • Connect with other functions within the company to hear how your team interacts

2. Create a 90-Day Plan – Develop an onboarding plan that will enable you to establish relationships, gather information for a strategic plan, and develop an engaged team

  • Start immersing yourself in the business
  • Look for places to get quick wins and communicate
  • Leverage the diversity of your team

3. Understand current strategy, modify as appropriate to form your own and communicate to team to build alignment and buy-in

4. Be aware of the “mind-shift” to this role, as this is one of the biggest transitions there is – moving from an individual contributor to leader

5. Don’t go at it alone – find a peer, mentor or thinking partner to share ideas and gather input and stay connected

Those organizations that support new sales leaders see higher levels of engagement and performance. Are you investing in what matters most to help your sales leaders transition and secure early wins in their new roles?