Fuel Predictable Growth

Too often, sales organizations are reliant on existing relationships. While building and expanding long-term customer relationships is an essential strategy for a healthy sales organization, you also have to continually add new logos to ensure sustainable, predictable growth.

How are you finding new customers? Is your sales team set up to find and win new logos? Most sales are inclined to expand and find repeat business than prospect and cold call. Finding new customers requires a hunting capability, true prospecting skills and an ability to leverage marketing initiatives and social selling.

Know Your Ratios

To find new customers you must understand the activities and metrics that win new logos, including call volume, number of meetings, win ratios, and sales cycles. Analyzing and managing to the activities and metrics helps grow the business.

How We Can Help You Find New Customers

DoubleDigit Sales helps develop both the skill and the will for finding new customers. Whether you have an inside sales team, or expect your salespeople to hunt and expand customer relationships, we know how to effectively build the attitudes, skills and processes to help you take your teams’ prospecting skills to the next level and find new customers in a consistent and continuous way.

Do you know your ratio? On a scale from 1 to 10 how confident and competent is your team in finding new customers?

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