What Good is a Strategy Without Good Execution?

Too often, executives spend intensive hours crafting their sales strategy. Typically, once complete, it gets rolled out at the beginning of the year and then is rarely seen. It is no wonder people are challenged to articulate the strategy, understand what it means to them and their customers, and how to make smart decisions that are aligned to the strategy.

Research suggest that only 14% of employees understand their organization’s strategy and less than 10% of all organizations successfully execute the strategy. – Larry Miller, CEO of By Monday Inc.

The opportunity for leaders is to ensure alignment and buy-in across the leadership team and throughout the sales organization, helping people make smarter decisions day in and day out to drive the strategy.

Alignment Drives Smart Decisions

The risk of not creating alignment, clarity and buy-in of your strategy is the equivalent of 5 year old’s playing soccer – everyone chases the ball and goes off to do their thing – opposed to executing the game with people in positions, in clear roles, and with purpose. Ultimately, without alignment, people don’t know how to make smart decisions that help support the execution of a plan, leading to a lot of wasted money, and effort.

How We Can Help You Execute Your Sales Strategy

DoubleDigit Sales helps leaders address this unique challenge of implementation through two capabilities. One, a sales culture survey that assesses the strengths and opportunities of your sales organization to help in the creation of your strategy, to drive predictable performance.

And two, a process and tool to articulate the strategy in a clear and concise way with measurable tactics and outcomes. This tool – combined with a cascading consistent communication process – helps build the clarity required, and the ability to course correct throughout the year – thus ensuring greater likelihood of achieving the strategy.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how confident are you that your sales team understand your strategy and can make smart decisions accordingly?

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