Sales Training Reinforcement

Drive Behavior Change with Sales Training Reinforcement

At DoubleDigit Sales, our priority is helping you create sustainable sales results.
Studies show that retention begins to decline as soon as participants leave the classroom. That’s why it’s critical to support them with sales training reinforcement tools to ensure adoption of the skills back on the job.

The highest performing organizations have effective leadership in place who coach, model and reinforce the newly acquired skills and processes. Sales managers who walk the talk and instill a sense of ownership are able to drive accountability so that positive behavior change is realized.
As industry experts, we know that learning is sustained when:

  • It occurs over time – taking a systemic vs. a one-time event approach
  • Designs are highly interactive and relevant – our solutions are 75%+ interactive to ensure practice and feedback occurs and that links and connections to the role/real world are clear
  • It involves others – for peer feedback, idea generation, and best practices identification
  • Technology is leveraged to scale and reinforce
  • It is modeled, reinforced, and supported by leaders – this is essential to making new behaviors and expectations stick

DoubleDigit Sales offers many sales training reinforcement options to choose from below. We partner with you to understand your business challenges, unique culture and identify the best sales training reinforcement approach to ensure apply newly acquired skills are applied on the job.

Connected Learning

One way to take learning beyond the classroom and into real life is with Connected Learning. These 2-3 minute Connects in the form of videos and tools are sent to participants via email, and can be viewed anytime, anywhere on any device, with no log-in required. Your salespeople and managers can easily access these Connects on the go to reinforce their learning and improve performance just-in-time. Managers will receive a tool listing all Connects so that they may reinforce and easily reference participants’ Connected Learning journey.

Leveraging this offering increases the impact of your training investment by increasing retention of learning and demonstrating your commitment as a leader to changing behaviors. Keep your team in the game with a predictable cadence of reinforcement tools post-training, with no effort on your part.


  • Just-in-time support of key concepts and tools
  • Increases likelihood of behavior change
  • Optimizes your training investment

Sustainment Webinars

If getting your team together in person is a challenge, webinars may be the best option for you. Webinars are typically 30 minutes or 1 hour in length.
Webinars are a virtual opportunity to engage their teams and reconvene with colleagues to share best practices, reflect on what’s working and what needs additional support. A senior facilitator will take your group through a deeper dive of the skills post-training, address key challenges, and provide tailored coaching to ensure your team is confident and competent in applying their new skills on the job.

  • Keep people connected without travel expenses
  • Valuable sharing of ideas and experiences in a short timeframe
  • Tailored coaching from the same facilitator experienced in the classroom

Skill Drills

Integrating Skill Drills in your team meetings provides your Sales Leaders with easy and effective way to reinforce learning at the group level.
Skill Drills are short exercises designed for Sales Leaders to reinforce learning concepts within their own teams. Sales Leaders are equipped with tools and ideas to run effective sessions on their own.
This leader-led sales training reinforcement solution can be done in person or over the phone, it can be designed to fit your preferred delivery method and cadence: weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever works best for your team.

  • Flexible sales training reinforcement tool
  • Drive more engagement and value during team meetings
  • Demonstrate your support and belief in the skills as a leader – walk the talk

Office Visits

Leveraging a senior facilitator on-site for a full day to observe, assess and provide in-the-moment feedback is a great way to sustain learning and drive application on the job.
Participants perform in their regular day-to-day while your facilitator provides Observational Coaching. This process has 3 important steps: Prepare, Observe and Provide Feedback. This model is used throughout the day to effectively support and imbed behavior change.

  • In the moment coaching to reinforce behavior change
  • Discuss, debrief and resolve tough sales challenges
  • Link skills learned in the classroom directly to performance on the job

Sales Leader Coaching

Salespeople are not the only ones who can benefit from one-on-one coaching and support. A senior facilitator can also give your leadership team a winning edge in their performance and management skills.
Sales Leader coaching can be arranged before or after training sessions, over the phone or in person. It is a great option to equip Sales Leaders to coach and support their teams for maximum impact.

  • Coach the coach and ensure leaders are ready to reinforce classroom skills back on the job
  • Maximize the impact of Sales Management Disciplines with tailored support for Sales Leaders
  • Customized support to address the unique challenges of your business

One-on-One Coaching

We can also design an individual coaching plan to help address your specific objectives and needs. This can be done virtually or in person by leveraging a senior facilitator.
If in-person coaching is not accessible, One-on-One Coaching sessions can be scheduled by phone. Phone coaching is available to Salespeople and Sales Leaders 3-6 weeks following classroom sessions.

  • Maximize learning while minimizing time away from the job
  • Individual approach to sustainment
  • Confidential sessions to build confidence and competence

Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

PSTs are practical, electronic tools that help Sales Leaders and Managers implement processes back on the job. For example, there are PSTs tools that improve and support effective one-on-one and team meetings.


  • Step-by-step guidance to implement new processes immediately
  • Electronic, paperless solutions
  • Free up Sales Leader time and process change effectively


Reinforce key concepts learned in training sessions with weekly audio reminders sent via email, you’re your salespeople or managers are out on the road.
Podcasts are a series of customized content refreshers in audio format. Each podcast includes reinforces key models or tools and includes a call-to-action to keep participants accountable and reinforce application back on the job. With just a click of a button, they can be listened to anytime, anywhere and on any device, with no login required.
Keep your team in the game with just-in-time reminders post-training with no effort on your part.


  • Improve performance with customized audio clips
  • Easily listen to short, pithy audio vignettes
  • Minimize time away from selling with this flexible, on-the-go solution

Customized Video Clips

Strengthen the learning with customized videos that your team can watch whenever and wherever it’s convenient.
These 2-3 minute videos are customized to your business and designed to reinforce recent classroom training. Customized Video Clips can be recorded by the same facilitator who taught the classroom training so that participants can seamlessly continue their learning journey together.


  • Just in time support of key concepts and tools
  • Access reminders anywhere and anytime
  • Easily access relevant videos with no login required

Sales Manager Toolkit

A Sales Manager Toolkit is a combination of any of the above sales training reinforcement solutions. A custom Sales Manager Toolkit can provide your team with multiple reinforcement touch-points necessary to sustain their new mindset, skills and processes and drive behavior change.

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