Stand Out from the Competition

Due to easy access to information and technology, businesses can create and innovate faster than ever. This creates numerous options for customers and it becomes difficult to discern differences. Customers have lots of choices and can be overwhelmed. Your opportunity is to connect them to what they care about and share what makes you uniquely different. How capable is your team of articulating your unique value proposition and how you compare to the competition?

Avoid “Me Too”

In the absence of creating a clear position in the market you risk being perceived as a “me too” company, making it harder to find customers and sell at your desired price or margin. To avoid being commoditized you must continuously find ways to differentiate.

How We Can Help You Stand Out

DoubleDigit Sales can help you better understand what matters to customers,  what the competitive landscape looks like, and your position compared to the competition. We can equip your team with effective communication skills, such as story telling, to compel people in relevant ways that differentiate yourself from the competition to win more opportunities.

On a scale from 1-10 how capable is your team of differentiating you in the marketplace?

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