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A US based wireless carrier partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to move from a transactional to a consultative selling approach.

“The training was very engaging, and I got great feedback and coaching. I can take back what I’ve learned and apply it right away.”

– Training Participant

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160% Growth Year-Over-Year


Confidence and Competence to Proactively Prospect


Managers Effectively Model, Teach and Coach

A Consultative Approach for Growth

A US based wireless carrier realized they had a challenge and an opportunity. Their reps were not serving their small and medium sized business (SMB) customers effectively over the phone or in person. Instead of being consultative, reps were transactional. Instead of serving customers proactively, they were being reactive.

Company leaders were committed to the SMB segment and identified it as critical component to achieve over plan performance and growth targets. As one of the company’s five core pillars, SMB also needed to be more visible, measurable and prioritized.

At the retail level, reps needed a better value proposition than “let’s see if we can save you money.” There were also inconsistent and infrequent prospecting strategies for targeting SMB customers and significant idle time that reps could have been applying to prospecting. The carrier needed a staffing model that supported both retail and SMB, as well as clear value propositions and applications to sell by vertical.

To ensure reps were consistently and confidently serving their SMB customers, the carrier decided that they needed to change their reps’ mindset and enhance their reps’ consultative skills. They selected DoubleDigit Sales to help them achieve their objectives.

During the research phase, DoubleDigit Sales conducted a series of store visits to observe rep-customer interactions and conducted interviews and focus groups with reps, managers and leaders to assess skill gaps and better understand the current situation.

In partnership with DoubleDigit Sales they developed a solution to change the behaviors of their reps and address skill gaps. It was also essential that managers were brought into the training and could successfully model, teach and coach the new behaviors and skills to ensure the change was sustainable and would be applied back on the job.

Through the Academy for Sales Leaders program, a comprehensive training solution created by DoubleDigit Sales for the managers of the SMB division, managers were taught to model, teach and coach their reps new behaviors and skills to achieve higher performance. Training included improving the quality of interactions with customers by utilizing thoughtful questions, persuasion and influence skills.

The carrier and DoubleDigit Sales also collaborated to define and build a learning solution that enabled all reps to deliver a superior customer experience while having a results oriented culture.

The impact? Managers learned how to create a plan to drive more opportunities, handle objections, make proactive calls, understand their customer’s needs better, and have more meaningful conversations with customers to close more business. Leveraging an enhanced meeting structure, managers now teach and coach their reps the same critical skills and processes.

The training resulted in 160% growth YoY – which broke records every month and subsequently every quarter, from the moment the training was initiated.


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