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A small business banking division of a large financial services provider partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to increase its sales productivity and participation rates.

“It’s about accelerating people’s learning and not only has DoubleDigit Sales done this with my managers and reps, they’ve accelerated my own learning by 10 years! It works!”

– Training Participant

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Achieved 150% of Plan


Achieved 80% Sales Participation Rate

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Improved Productivity and Sales Velocity

Improving Sales Participation and Productivity

The small business division of one of the largest financial companies in the world wanted to increase sales participation rates as well as sales productivity within their sales teams. Specifically, they wanted to focus on teaching leaders sales management routines to make their teams more successful, faster.

Dedicated exclusively to small business owners, this financial institution’s small business division supports business owners with exceptional service. Their tailored credit card products and services deliver purchasing power, flexibility, control and rewards to help card members run their businesses.

The small business team is focused on small business owners within targeted markets, including (but not limited to): Dentists; Contractors; Trades, Restaurants; Property Management; Telco Resellers, Franchise Owners, etc.

“The learning curve has accelerated our sales productivity velocity.”

They chose DoubleDigit Sales as their partner for our ability to understand client needs and quickly deploy practical solutions.

DoubleDigit Sales implemented the Way of Selling program. The program was put into effect to create a sales coaching culture, providing leaders with sales management and coaching skills necessary to drive higher levels of engagement with their Sales Reps to enable improved performance. Secondly, DoubleDigit Sales deployed Observational Coaching. This program is used to reinforce and embed the Way of Selling disciplines with the sales team.

After the program, 80% sales participation rate was achieved resulting in a 150% of sales plan goals met. Overall, sales team productivity velocity was accelerated.


Increase Participation Rates and Productivity
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