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A global medical device manufacturer partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to create a sustainable, coachable, common sales approach across their sales organization.

“I feel like I truly learned techniques and tactics that will help me with selling. I want to continue having face to face practice so I can better my skills.”

-Training Participant


Improved Team Performance from Consistent Coaching

A Common Sales Approach

Increased Pipeline and Revenue Growth

Creating A Common Sales Approach

A global medical device manufacturer wanted to create a common sales approach across their sales organization that would stick and is easy to coach. No stranger to sales training, they equipped their Sales Reps, Clinical Specialists and Regional Directors with two popular sales approaches, however outcomes were mixed as the approaches weren’t tailored to their specific needs, were complex and therefore weren’t sticking and didn’t create a common approach and base level of skill across the sales organization and made coaching particularly difficult.


  • An inconsistent sales process
  • Training that wasn’t sticking
  • Non-sales roles that needed sales skills
  • Inconsistent coaching to drive accountability


  • A partner with extensive industry experience able to create a sales approach that reflects the industry’s unique needs and current state
  • In-classroom facilitators that have carried a sales quota, to be able to relate to the day-to-day activities of their salespeople
  • A partner focused on sustainability, with tools and tactics to make learning stick
  • A flexible partner that could incorporate their current leadership training content into the solution


Step 1: Enable Regional Directors with a high-performance sales coaching solution to effectively coach and lead a diverse team of people.

Step 2: Equip Sales Reps, Clinical Specialist, Inside Sales, Tech Support and Regional Directors with the attitudes, skills and processes to have deeper, more insightful dialogues with customers and create a consistent customer experience across the organization.

Step 3: Reinforce with follow-up sessions and Connected Learning™ (a technology and location agnostic tool that pushes key concepts to individuals via email to reinforce and sustain learning).


Create A Common Sales Approach
With DoubleDigit Sales

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