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Commercial Banking

Client Success Story

A leading financial institution partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to create a foundation of sales excellence to significantly improve their sales performance and results.

“We often know what we need to do to achieve success. It is helpful to be reminded and held accountable.”

-Training Participant


11% Increase in Sales Capabilities


14% Improvement in Meeting Quality


13% Increase in Productivity

40% of Managers Achieved 120% of Plan

Developing A High Performance Sales Culture

A leading financial institution was looking to unlock their growth potential across the country. To achieve this goal, they decided to expand their commercial operations; a conglomerate of real estate, commercial and small to medium enterprise professionals. With the new team in place, the priority was to create a foundation of sales excellence that would significantly improve their sales performance and results.


  • Growth across the country
  • Achieving their bold annual plan


  • Partner with strong financial services industry experience, particularly with the big banks
  • Design comprehensive and tailored solutions that include assessment and research
  • Ability to deliver multilingual solutions across the country


Step 1: Conduct a Sales Culture Diagnostic to benchmark their sales culture against the average and best performing sales teams in North America. The assessment revealed the following:

  • Institution heavily focused on results, as opposed to activities that lead to results
  • Lack of consistency in sales management disciplines
  • Sales participation rate (the percentage of sales team members who are at or above plan) presented a significant area of improvement

Step 2: Use these results to inform research and content design of two-day Commercial Excellence solution for their team: Way of Managing and Way of Selling


Develop a High Performance Sales Culture
With DoubleDigit Sales

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