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Owned by the Government of Canada, BDC is a B Corp financial institution exclusively for entrepreneurs. They partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to improve client conversations and instill disciplined sales management approaches.

“BDC partnered with DoubleDigit Sales because they quickly understood BDC’s culture and adapted programs and materials to our specific needs.”

Diane Martel, Senior Advisor of Learning Strategies

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Training ROI of 74%


Improved Sales Performance

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Loan Values Increased 34.6%

The Goal: Develop Sales Coaching Skills

The B Corp certified Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is devoted exclusively to providing entrepreneurs with commercial loans and consulting services. BDC serves 60,000 clients across Canada.

BDC wanted Branch Managers to coach Account Managers under their supervision not only to ‘hit their numbers’, but also to move up in the organization. Business Activity Management Excellence program was created to develop coaching skills that would achieve these goals.

The Plan: Instill Sales Management Disciplines 

Training: Delivered to Branch Managers across Canada, the blended learning format combined in-person sales training workshops with webinars, where participants discussed successes and challenges as they developed new skills.

Content: Using a feedback model, leading one-on-one meetings, diagnosing the sales pipeline, handling account managers’ resistance, using the accompanied-visits process, and leading team meetings.

Evaluation: The Learning Value Chain was used to measure the business value of the training. The measurement was completely done by a third party, Learning Designs Online. This framework uses a chain of critical outcomes. Training is evaluated at each of four links: Capability, Transfer, Business Results, and ROI to assess how much progress was made towards reaching the key outcomes.

The Results: Building Confidence and Boosting Sales Performance

Capability: At the first link, participants perceived the training as valuable across eight key areas of learning. 90% of participants rated their knowledge and skill level as “high” after the training – up from 33% before the training. They felt confident that they could apply the learning to their jobs.

Transfer: Substantial value was demonstrated at this stage, with 61% of respondents reporting that they were applying their learning to a high degree, and 31% reporting a moderate degree.

Business results: 52% of Branch Managers reported a high level of performance improvement, and 36% reported moderate improvement.

The bottom line: Account Managers in the target group substantially improved performance with an ROI in training of 74%.


“>Enable Managers to Build Their Sales Coaching Skills

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