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A global automotive company partnered with DoubleDigit Sales to improve the relationships between its dealers and dealer service managers and started by building a foundation of trust.

“Very relevant to my job. The instructor was excellent and the training was very interactive.”

– Training Participant

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Deeper, More Meaningful Engagements With Partners


Abilities to Earn and Build Trust


Effectively Handle Objections and Problem Solve

Building Trust to Build Relationships

The dealership division of a major global automotive company was challenged with improving the relationships between Dealer Service Managers and their Dealers.

The Dealership Division was not placing a big enough focus on retail or making sure that Dealers were investing in the company’s brand. Relationships between Dealer Service Managers and Dealers were not strong. Dealers didn’t trust Dealer Service Managers or consider them credible advisors, therefore Dealer visits were not providing any real value to either party and were just a “tick-in-the-box” exercise.

The Company needed help recreating and strengthening the Dealer-Dealer Service Manager relationship. They needed Dealer Service Managers to be seen by Dealers as trusted business consultants and advisors. The goal was for the Dealer Service Managers to bring value to the Dealerships through every interaction and ultimately help their Dealers increase revenue.

“Visits are productive rather than repetitive, and dealers see their dealer service manager as a partner who can add value to their business.”

DoubleDigit Sales worked with the Dealership Division’s Service, Sales and Customer Excellence Consultants to help them with the following:

  • Adding more value to their Dealer visits and drive a higher level of engagement with Dealers
  • Gaining more confidence and competence to present ideas higher in the dealership (dealer principle instead of manager)
  • Increasing the productivity of interactions (build on each other) as opposed to unproductive and repetitive visits
  • Taking control of interactions – Consultative vs. Transactional / Proactive vs. Reactive

By developing the following skills:

  • Consultative Skills: confirming more, asking better questions, responding less
  • Investigating needs
  • Objection handling
  • Problem solving
  • Convincing the dealer of your recommendation

Dealers no longer dread a visit from their Dealer Service Manager. Visits are productive rather than repetitive, and Dealers see their DSM as a partner who can add value to their business. Dealer Service Managers are asking better questions, handling objections and bringing important insights from other dealerships.


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